Your problem is our solution


Welcome to Shemen Computers where we strive for service excellence.

We accomplish it by:

             Going the extra mile

             Being honest and helpful

             Tailoring appropriate solutions

             Quick response to technical problems


Shemen Computers was established in 1997 and started off in electronic repairs. Our attention has shifted since after we realized a need for IT services in SME’s, which is what we provide at the moment.

We are currently servicing the Johannesburg, Gauteng area.

The name Shemen is derived from the Hebrew word, meaning oil.

What has oil to do with Computer services you may ask. Oil is very important to keep machinery running smoothly. That is our goal in this industry.

Make your networking problems our solutions.

P.O. Box 1988



To contact us:

Phone: 0116803912


Fax: 0866524685


E-mail: jand(at)shemen(dot)co(dot)za



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